Lady Gaga ft. Florence Welch – ‘Hey Girl’



Lady Gaga’s newest album, Joanne, has been a real grower for me. It might not punch as hard as the high points of her earlier albums, but it’s easily the most cohesive listen form start to finish. Aside from the lead single, the big standout of Joanne is the duet between Gaga and Florence Welch.

‘Hey Girl’ has something you don’t see much in pop music: two talented women singing about being friends. Gaga and Welch aren’t fighting over a man or bitching about a man or even encouraging each other to go after a man; they’re singing “we can make it easy if we lift each other”. Welch’s voice has always better than Gaga’s on a technical level, but Gaga’s earthy and Welch’s operatic sound great together.

I love the production and instrumentation on this song, even if I think Elton John has ground to sue for plagiarism. The groovy synths, chimes and guitar are such an odd mix – but it works all the same.


Track: Hey Girl
Artist: Lady Gaga
Featured artist: Florence Welch
Year: 2016
From: Joanne [Streamline/Interscope]




I demand a cover version with LSP and Turtle Princess!

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