Glass Animals – ‘Season 2 Episode 3’



Sometimes it takes a few listens for new music to click with me. On the third listen to Glass Animal’s How to Be a Human Being, I’ve moved from loving the first track to loving the whole album.

‘Season 2 Episode 3’ is a laid-back, trip-hop tinged soundtrack to a day on the sofa watching cartoons (specifically Adventure Time which is referenced in the lyrics). The ghostly backing vocals, 90’s trip-hop beat and retro video game sound effects give a fuzzy nostalgia to the song.

I’ll be singing the chorus for days to come:

Leftover breakfast cereal for lunch
She’s broken but she’s fun
My girl eats mayonaised
From the jar while she’s getting blazed


Track: Season 2 Episode 3
Artist: Glass Animals
Year: 2016
From: How to Be a Human Being [Tone Wolf]


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