The Avalanches – ‘If I Was a Folkstar’



On this blog, I have a self-imposed rule that I can’t repeat artists too quickly. The upside is that the blog is more diverse and looks more aesthetically pleasing. The downside is that I occasionally get pangs of regret for choosing one song over another. Immediately after my review of ‘Because I’m Me’ by The Avalanches, I became obsessed with another song from the same album.

‘If I Were a Folkstar’ is The Avalanches at their very best. It’s laid back, wistful and has a great hook. There’s something about the bassline and hook that’s both so sad and so relaxing to me. The vocals from Toro Y Moi are the icing on the cake. On repeat listens, it’s become my favourite track on Wildflower (possibly tied with ‘Subways’).


Track: If I Were a Folkstar
Artist: The Avalanches
Year: 2016
From: Wildflower [XL]


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