Bruno Mars – ’24K Magic’



Despite the dramatic improvement in Bruno Mars’s music over the past few years, I still struggle to admit that I like some of his songs. Maybe it was the atrocious set of singles from his debut album or the blatant plagiarism of Breakbot on ‘Treasure‘, but I find Bruno Mars difficult to like. However, his music has been on a continued upward turn since 2012 and ’24K Magic’ is up there with ‘Uptown Funk’ in the ridiculous catchy stakes.

I was trying to think about why I like this song so much and I think I’ve got it: the drum beat is from the much-sampled ‘Genius of Love‘. I’m a sucker for this beat (even when it’s announcing the ‘Return of the Mack‘) and not even a lyrical allusion to Mars’s erection can detract from it. Throw in from glittery late-70’s synths and some 70’s funk and you’ve got yourself a pop hit.


Track: 24K Magic
Artist: Bruno Mars
Year: 2016
From: 24K Magic [Atlantic]


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