Mr Oizo ft. Siriusmo – ‘All Wet’




I’ve spent my Saturday morning listening to Mr Oizo’s new album All Wet. It’s pretty hard to describe the appeal of Mr Oizo’s music if you don’t have a taste for the odd. Perhaps the best word is “anarchistic”? Or “contrarian”? I think it says a lot that his then record label called his 2005 album Moustache (Half a Scissor) “unlistenable” (they weren’t entirely wrong). Anyway, All Wet is as listenable as it is downright odd, which puts it on a par with Lamb’s Anger as some of Oizo’s best work.

It was difficult to pick a track to write about today, but I eventually settled on the title track “All Wet” (no doubt, I’ll be returning to others in the future). “All Wet” is a very meet-in-the-middle track for Mr Oizo and Siriusmo: glitchy, squelchy and more than a little unhinged.


Track: All Wet
Artist: Mr Oizo
Featured artist: Siriusmo
Year: 2016
From: All Wet [Ed Banger]


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