Madonna – ‘Everybody’



AMUSICADAY central (aka my flat) now has a turntable! I’ve got a long way to go before I can recreate Deewee towers, but I’ve finally started a vinyl collection with four records I found in Brighton over the past couple of days. I’m particularly pleased with my new (old) 12″ single of ‘Into the Groove’ by Madonna. Not only is that my favourite Madge song, the B-side is her often forgotten debut single.

‘Everybody’ manages to sound both of-its-time and timeless. I think this comes form the simplicity of the melody, catchy chorus and excellent production. The bleep-y synths and funky guitar are two cornerstones of my music taste, so this is a really natural fit for me. In fact, this sound came back in such for in the 2000s, that is was sampled by Annie.


Track: Everybody
Artist: Madonna
Year: 1982
From: Madonna [Sire]


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