Nick Mulvey – ‘Cucurucu’



White-guy-with-guitar is one of the tougher genres to get me on board with. Not impossible, but it has to be pretty damn special to get to me. I had a couple of Nick Mulvey’s songs come my way at work (don’t ask – it’s a strange job) and I was struck by his voice. Mulvey has a unique accent that lilts with the music.

‘Cucurucu’ is a song about nostalgia. Not Buzzfeed nostalgia for the 90’s, but visceral longing to relive childhood. The building instrumentation helps give the song a kick, but even if it was just Mulvey and his guitar, this song would be worth listening to.


Track: Cucurucu
Artist: Nick Mulvey
Year: 2014
Album: First Mind [Fiction]



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