Tiga – ‘3 Rules’


There are two parts of Tiga’s music I love: catchy dance riffs and batshit lyrics. ‘3 Rules’ combines both of these to produce something danceable and laugh-out-loud funny. Here are Tiga’s three rules:

  1. Never dance with your hands up
  2. Never touch your own ****
  3. Never fall in love with a Virgo

And here are Tiga’s three rules for the laaaaadies:

  1. Never fix your teeth if they’re fucked up
  2. Always eat your maraschino cherry
  3. Never ever ever overstay your welcome

My favourite part has to be the “why?” after “never fall in love with a Virgo”.

This track was featured on the latest 2×2 mix from 2manydjs in a more Soulwaxian form. If that version is ever released, it’s probably gonna end up on this blog.


Track: 3 Rules
Artist: Tiga
Year: 2016
From: No Fantasy Required [Counter]


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