Justice – ‘Safe and Sound’


They’re back! After over four years, Justice make a return with a departure from their previous work. I’m a big fan of Justice. Their first album, Cross, holds a special place in my heart (and my music collection) as one of my first big musical loves as a late teenager. The flame of fandom dulled a little with a disappointing (for me at least) second album but I’m back on board 100%.

‘Safe and Sound’ takes Justice’s funky bass-lines and fondness for choirs, but leaves the abrasive synths. The whole track is a long slow build to a delicious synth breakdown. The result is something that sounds one part DFA, one part Soulwax and one part Justice – and that’s about as good a musical cocktail as you can make.

[I actually started writing this before I’d even finished the song, I like it that much.]

FREE MUSIC ALERT: You can download this track for free from Justice’s official website.


Track: Safe and Sound
Artist: Justice
Year: 2016
From: Speed of Sound [Ed Banger]


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