Major Lazer, DJ Snake ft. MØ – ‘Lean On’


Welcome back to AMUSICADAY, where I post a track every day when my life isn’t insanely busy. I really should remake this blog AMUSICADAYSOMETIMESBUTNOTEVERYDAYI’MTRYINGMYBESTYOUGUYS.

Today’s track was a real grower. I didn’t get why this song is/was so insanely popular and then it dawned on me… it’s really good.

I was a big fan of Major Lazer 1.0 when it was a collaborative project between Diplo and Switch. After Switch left, the sound moved away from my personal tastes and I lost track. ‘Lean On’ is a distant cousin of Major Lazer’s first album, but the chilled house beats and MØ’s earthy vocals make it a very easy summer listen.


Track: Lean On
Artist: Major Lazer, DJ Snake
Featured artist: MØ
Year: 2015
From: Peace Is the Mission [Mad Decent]


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