Emmanuelle – ‘L’Uomo D’Affari’


Hot off the presses from Deewee is a new single by Emmanuelle. This two-track record really panders to my likes: it’s influenced by Italian pop music, it has Soulwax on production duties and it retains Emmanuelle’s cool, detached, sing-spoken lyrics.

The lyrics straddle the line between cheesy and clever by running with a business metaphor. Emmanuelle manages to pull it off – the switch to Italian in the second verse keeps it fresh. And any use of the word “linguistic” is an instant yes in my book.

Meeting, greeting,
Linguistically intriguing

To cap it all off is a catchy and dark beat that possibly betters ‘Free Hi-Fi Internet’. It looks like there’s more Emmanuelle on the way soon and no doubt she’ll show up again here.


Track: L’Uomo D’Affari
Artist: Emmanuelle
Year: 2016
From: L’Uomo D’Affari / Italove [Deewee]


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