Akai Tori – ‘Takeda No Komoriuta’



Like much of the UK (and beyond) this week, I’ve been binging on The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt season two. This song provides the climax of the episode “Kimmy Goes to a Play!” as preformed by Titus – in a beautiful/funny moment.

This version of the song is particularly pretty. You don’t have to understand what the lyrics mean to understand the sadness, regret and longing tied up it. I really like the more familiar sound of the guitars (at least, I think there are guitars here) with the more foreign Japanese instrumentation (as it sounds to my English ears).

Track: Takeda No Komoriuta / 竹田の子守唄 / Lullaby of Takeda
Artist: Akai Tori / 赤い鳥 / The Red Birds
Year: 1972
From: Takeda No Komoriuta / 竹田の子守唄 [Liberty]


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