Chilly Gonzales – ‘Bittersuite’



Gonzales (aka Chilly Gonzales) has had (and still is having) one of the most interesting musical careers of any artist. Here are some selected highlights in addition to his solo albums:

  • He produced the best/most popular music of Feist’s career and guested on the last Daft Punk album. He’s also worked with Peaches and Drake.
  • Also, that super catchy iPad song? All him.
  • He starred in a movie based around his album Ivory Tower called… Ivory Tower.
  • He is the world record holder for the longest solo performance at over 27 hours.

Ivory Tower is, in my option, Gonzales most cohesive album and combines his talents as a pianist with stuff more suited to the dance floor. ‘Bittersuite’ is the record’s most melancholic moment. It’s a mixture of scales, strings and monotonous synths. The vocals (which only say “oh, it’s so bittersweet” once) break your heart, but the ascending final notes hint that things will get better.

Track: Bittersuite
Artist: Chilly Gonzales
Year: 2010
From: Ivory Tower [Gentle Threat]


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