The Go! Team – ‘Apollo Throwdown (Star Slinger Remix)’



I’m a big fan of The Go! Team. Ten years ago (pretty much exactly), I heard their eclectic blend of sampling and double-dutch chanting for the first time and never looked back. That said, this might be there only time where The Go! Team were outgunned by a remix. I really like the original track, but this is the crown jewel in Star Slinger’s remixography. And it’s damn good.

There is no set formula for a successful remix. You can nudge things subtly into place (e.g. Erol Alkan’s take on Metronomy – ‘The Bay’)  or you can demolish the original and start again (e.g. Duke Dumont’s unrecognisable version of The Mystery Jets – ‘Two Doors Down’). Most come down somewhere in the middle. Star Slinger takes elements of the instrumental and gives them a dreamlike quality. The lyrics are also kept pretty much intact which is super cool because it’s nice to hear The Go! Team’s chanting outside of its usual habitat.

Track: Apollo Throwdown
Artist: The Go! Team
Remix: Star Slinger
Year: 2011
From: Apollo Throwdown – Single [Memphis Industries]


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