Prince Rama – ‘Bahia’

This cover is amazing. AMAZING.

All praise the Gods of Spotify for bringing Prince Rama into my life!

Prince Rama, from what I’ve heard, are nothing but uncensored, shameless fun. ‘Bahia’ begins slow and speeds up (almost comically) to unleash a cornucopia of wobbly synths, live percussion and thumping bass – all while alternating a high-pitched breathy vocal and a severely pitched-down one.

I SWEAR the synths are sampled from something because they sound SO familiar, but so far my search has turned up nothing official. The closest I’ve got is Take That’s ‘Do What You Like’ (which is worth your time if only for the video). If you can pinpoint what I’m thinking of (because it’s driving me insane – maybe early 90’s house of some kind?), then leave a comment and you shall have my undying thanks. Or maybe they’re original. Either way, they sound awesome.

Prince Rama, I hadn’t heard of you until yesterday, but you’ve earned yourself a new fan.

Track: Bahia
Artist: Prince Rama
Year: 2016
From: Xtreme Now [Carpark]


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