Caribou – ‘Can’t Do Without You’


For the most part, the music I share here is fairly new to me. Or something I’ve rediscovered form a long time ago. Not today. This track is one I’ve consistently loved since the day I heard it. And although that was only 18 months ago, it feels much longer.

Caribou is the sound of intelligent dance music that’s rich in emotion and meaning. ‘Can’t Do Without You’ is the opening track of the album Our Love: one of my favourite albums of… ever, I think. The album is built around ‘love’ and I read it as the depiction of a relationship (I’m sure that’s what Caribou said it was about, but I can’t find the source). ‘Can’t Do Without You’ is exactly what it says on the tin: a ode to dependence. Not in dreary way, in a way that brings elation.

There are so many parts of this song I love, but the best part is the big picture. It’s a slow build to dizzyingly climax and a tender comedown.

Track: I Can’t Do Without You
Artist: Caribou
Year: 2014
From: Our Love [City Slang]


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