Lana Del Rey – ‘Blue Velvet’


I shouldn’t feel like I have to justify myself, but my inner music hipster is getting the better of me:

  • Yes, I know this is a cover – and a damn good one at that. I think it stands shoulder to shoulder with other versions of this song.
  • Yes, I’ve seen Blue Velvet. It’s my favourite David Lynch movie (that I’ve seen so far).
  • Yes, Lana Del Rey is a *little* overrated (or at least she was when this record came out), but still worth your time.


I really love this cover version and I rank it pretty high in Lana Del Rey’s discography. If she isn’t a David Lynch fan, she does a damn good job of combining the surreal, the nostalgic and the uneasy. In fact, Del Rey’s persona is straight out of a Lynch movie. And pandering as it is, I do like the music video a hell of a lot.

Also, here is a video of drag queen Katya performing this song. You’re welcome.

Track: Blue Velvet
Artist: Lana Del Rey
Year: 2012
From: Paradise – EP [Interscope/Polydor]


One thought on “Lana Del Rey – ‘Blue Velvet’

  1. She is a little bit overrated but to me, her voice is like a mixture of honey and smoke. She manages to croon her way through this song and into my mind. Her voice was made for songs like this. She’s done a brilliant job of it too, I think.


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