Amanda Lepore ft. Cazwell – ‘My Hair Looks Fierce’


In the novelty song business, it’s really easy to churn out bad music. However, if you manage to balance all the elements, you can end up with something that’s funny AND well produced. Half of the delight of ‘My Hair Looks Fierce’ is in the production: distant bongos, synthetic swoops, cowbell and some funky slap bass. It reminds me of In Flagranti – and that’s a massive compliment.

The other half of this track is the lyrics. There’s something about Lepore’s delivery that is so much better than, say, the Drag Race Girls; it has a weird cadence and she genuinely sounds like she’s disgusted… in a good way.

My favourite line HAS to be:

Can you tell us, Amanda,
Who made your dress?

Some Mexican children in an LA sweatshop
Who worked non-stop until their heads dropped
They weren’t allowed food or water to drink
But they still did a fierce job, don’t you think?

Track: My Hair Looks Fierce
Artist: Amanda Lepore
Featured Artist: Cazwell
Year: 2005
From: Introducing… Amanda Lepore [Peace Bisquit]


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