Bran Van 3000 – ‘Drinking in L.A.’


Hi, my name is Stereo Mike

Occasionally I experience this odd phenomenon with music circa 1994 to 1998 where certain songs see to be innate. I can’t remember hearing these songs for the first time, or even life without knowing them. I guess if you’re exposed to music in this window it craves out a space deep in your memory. ‘Drinking in L.A.’ is one of those songs.

This song immediately transports you to a lazy 90’s afternoon when everyone had just enough money and didn’t have to work. The biggest problem is working out a screenplay – which is being aided with beer. This song is so chilled out with its fuzzy guitars and soothing backing vocals, but it still has a hint of despair. This is a quarter-life crisis and a stoner staple rolled into one.

Track: Drinking in L.A.
Artist: Bran Van 3000
Year: 1997
From: Glee [Audiogram]


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