Au Revoir Simone – ‘Through the Backyards’


As I write this, I’m at the end of a long day and bracing myself for a longer one tomorrow. I’m very tired and (hopefully) I’ll be asleep soon. The music I listen to at this time of night, when everything seems so heavy, is often Au Revoir Simone. It’s comfort listening pretty much by design.

Au Revoir Simone are a trio of soft-voiced synth players whose music is always soothing. ‘Through the Backyards’ is them at their most lullaby-ish. The electric drums and synths all have a muffled, etherial quality. The vocals flow softly and simply and… maybe it’s a little too twee in parts…. but that’s part of the charm. I’m not sure a less talented band could pull off a song like this which is light and warm, but not sugary sweet.


Track: Through the Backyards
Artist: Au Revoir Simone
Year: 2006
From: Verses of Comfort, Reassurance and Salvation [Moshi Moshi]


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