Lady Gaga – ‘Venus’


Rocket number nine take off to the planet
To the planet

Artpop a really underrated album. Yes, it sold well, but I feel it get’s a bit of a bad rep, despite containing some of Gaga’s best work to date. Right up at the top is ‘Venus’ – which obliterates the idea that pop music can’t stand shoulder-to-shoulder with high art.

‘Venus’ begins with weird lyrics punctuated by the music stopping and the lyric “Venus”. Next the bridge and the pop chorus. There’s also a few “take me to your planet”s and a breakdown where Gaga starts listing off planets:

Neptune (go!)
Now serve Pluto
Saturn, Jupiter
Mercury, Venus (ah-aaa)
Don’t you know my ass is famous?
Now serve for the gods
And serve for the stars

Thumping production, raspy vocals and classical references. This is Gaga at her finest.


Artist: Lady Gaga
Track: Venus
Year: 2013
From: Artpop [Streamline/Interscope]


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