Alaska Thunderfuck – ‘This Is My Hair’


Gay music, as a genre, has a pretty bad track record. I’m not talking about LGBT recording artists or songs about being gay, but the genre of “gay music” made for playing in clubs. The defining features are: generic club beat, sing-speak lyrics about being amazing and overt references to gay sex/culture. They are often unlistenable bad. And special mention to the girls of RuPaul’s Drag Race who are currently the most high-profile offenders (not all but most) (also I love that show, but very few of the girls have any sort of musical ability).

There are the occasional few that rise from the cesspool, Alaska Thunderfuck being one of the more successful. ‘This Is My Hair’ has much more in common with a mainstream house track thanks some great production. On top of that you have Alaska speaking the brief lyrics in a Croatian accent with her natural comic sensibility.

Artist: Alaska Thunderfuck
Track: This Is My Hair
Year: 2015
From: Anus [Sidecar]


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