Laura Branigan – ‘Gloria’


Happy 50th post/track! To celebrate, here’s one of the all-time greatest pop songs.

I really mean that: all-time greatest. ‘Gloria’ is an English language cover of the Italian song of the same name by Umberto Tozzi. In either language, it’s an impeccably constructed pop song. The up-tempo synths build and build through the verse, into the bridge and into a ridiculously catchy chorus. And what a chorus: backing singers (Gloria!), an expertly placed guitar riff and backing arpeggios.

I like both versions of this song, but for my money Branigan’s vocals edge out Tozzi’s. She sings with a real urgency. If I were Gloria, I’d be paying attention.

Artist: Laura Branigan
Track: Gloria
Year: 1982
From: Branigan [Atlantic]
Originally by Umberto Tozzi


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