Mica Levi – ‘Love’


First thing’s first, Under the Skin is a fantastic film and you should watch it. If you’re not sold you can read my review here.

However, you don’t need to see a movie to appreciate a good score. And Mica Levi’s score for Under the Skin is a remarkable creation. ‘Love’ is the standout track – partly because it is unlike anything else on the record, and partly because it’s almost overwhelmingly emotional. It’s difficult to imagine a song that can live up to such a simple, overused title.

‘Love’ combines the otherworldly and the familiar. The familiar being the strings (the instruments of raw emotion). The otherworldly comes from the production: Levi messes with the pitch and tempo of the viola and lands right in the musical uncanny valley. This is a familiar emotion experienced through an alien’s eyes (or ears).

I can’t quite pin it down, but this track provokes such a visceral reaction in me. Hopefully, you hear what I hear.


Track: Love
Artist: Mica Levi
Year: 2014
From: Under the Skin (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Rough Trade]


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