Kursat 9000 – ‘Çölde Kutup Ayisi’



As I’ve mentioned before, Soulwax/2manydjs are my co-favourite band. We’ve been waiting YEARS for a new Soulwax album (granted there have been several other projects, but no original music). And here it is, the soundtrack to Belgicfor which the brothers Dewaele created fifteen fictional bands (you can read all about these bands here). All of them have a different genre/flavour, but the production is undeniably Soulwax.

Which track to post has been a real Sophie’s choice (no, I’m not exaggerating). Among a handful of standouts, I’ve gone for the most unique. Kursat 9000 brings together Turkish pop music and acid house. AND IT WORKS SO WELL.

On the top layer you have Turkish vocals and guitar riffs (a baglama maybe? I’m rubbish with foreign instruments). Underneath is a filthy acid beat interspersed with drum breaks. The worst thing about this song is that’s is so damn short. I’d love to hear a full length club version.

Artist: Kursat 9000 [aka Soulwax]
Track: Çölde Kutup Ayisi
Year: 2016
From: Belgica (Original Soundtrack by Soulwax)


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