Spagna – ‘Call Me’


Did I mention I like cheese? I really like cheese. There’s something deep down inside me that can’t help but grin when I hear these kinds of over-the-top, ridiculous, 80’s records.

‘Call Me’ was unknown to me until the video appeared by chance on My 80’s TV and oh my god I was hooked. The video is possibly the most 80’s thing that has ever existed: ridiculously huge hair, Polaroids, rubbish dancing… The final shot is possibly my favourite ending to any music video.

The song itself is cheesy, but gets everything right. There’s a fun beat, a sax-driven hook and a catchy (if repetitive) chorus. The so-bad-it’s-good factor comes in with the lyrics and the random sound effects (zips I think??). I kinda wanna tell Spagna to cool it a little; she’s CLEARLY never been told that less is more. But then, it was the 80’s: a time when more was ALWAYS more.

I could ramble on about the joy I get from this song/video. Just… call me, OK?

Artist: Spagna
Track: Call Me
Year: 1987
From: Dedicated to the Moon [CBS]


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