The Pointer Sisters – ‘I’m So Excited’


I’m having a bit of a rough day writing an application that feels like I’m actively hurting myself with every. single. word.

So what do I do? I put on one of the best pop songs I can think of. As cheesy and cliched as this is song as become (seriously, every time someone is even mildly excited in a TV show/film/advert), it’s so goddam infectious. The Pointer Sisters really do sound excited. SO excited. I totally believe that this dude they’re singing to is going to have the night of his life.

The absolute best part is the breakdown towards the end of the song where the excitement is truly palpable. Also, here’s a gif from RuPaul’s Drag Race of the judges having a blast to this song.


Artist: The Pointer Sisters
Track: I’m So Excited
Year: 1982
From: So Excited! [Planet]


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