Basement Jaxx – ‘Take Me Back to Your House’


Basement Jaxx were the first band I properly listened to in my teens. Some of their tracks still hold up for me, some don’t. And this one *really* holds up. I remember it being under-appreciated at the time despite being a really great pop song.

Martina Sorbara of Dragonette is on vocals singing about how she wants to go home with someone (who? anyone, I guess. She’s really not subtle). Basement Jaxx usual urban production is played down in favour of banjo. More pop songs need banjo.

Just put a record on
Make it a county song
C’mon make a drink for me
Let’s song along to songs of aching hearts

Also, check out the video because it’s full of impressive Cossack dancing.

Artist: Basement Jaxx
Song: Take Me Back to Your House
Year: 2006
From: Crazy Itch Radio [XL Recordings]


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