Apollonia 6 – ‘Sex Shooter’


So far the music on this blog has been waaaaaaaaay too good. Good in a genuine way, that is. This song falls more in the category of ‘irony’ or ‘hot mess’ or ‘awful but awesome’. Presenting Apollonia 6: a girl-group of Prince proteges.

The really infamous part of this song is the lyrics. They’re not subtle to the extent that you can barely call them innuendo (GEDDIT? SHE’S A LOADED GUN). The whole song is half-sung in a Apollonia’s breathy voice (she’s the lead singer) which cranks the ridiculousness of line’s like “I’m a sex shooter, shooting love in your direction” to new levels. My personal highlight is the breakdown:

No girl’s body can compete with mine
No girl’s rap can top my lines
No girl’s kiss can ring your chimes

She’s NOT rapping – she’s sing-speaking. Plus, there are PLENTY of women I can think of who could rap Apollonia under the table. Also is “ring you chimes” a thing? It should be.

All that said, there’s something I find quite charming about the production and the over-seriousness makes this a wonderful listen.

Artist: Apollonia 6
Track: Sex Shooter
Year: 1984
From: Apollonia 6 [Warner Bros.]


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