Róisín Murphy – ‘Let Me Know’


I remember this video being everywhere when this song came out and I tried to catch it every chance I got. There’s something wonderful about a woman in cape, pink vinyl gloves and a saucer-hat dancing around a greasy spoon. “Let Me Know” is a fun, upbeat track that checks a lot of my “fun music” boxes. Plus that piano is a bit cheesy, but a lot of fun. The highlight is towards the end of the song where the layers fade in an out: cut the bass, bring it back, just synths, just the piano.

Also, that is a killer outfit in the album artwork (all the artwork from Overpowered had Murphy in whacky outfits in mundane situations).

Artist: Róisín Murphy

Song: Let Me Know

Year: 2007

From: Overpowered [EMI]


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